About us

Golden Rain Nha Trang Hotel

Firstly, it is always our pleasure to welcome you staying at Golden Rain. The hotel is located centrally in “European centre” in Nha Trang beach city where many amenities established around including variable restaurants, supermarket, spa massages and beauty salons. Our convenience is further enhanced by short distance between hotel and the beach. The edge is easily reached by spending 5 minutes walking from hotel.

The hotel is designed with 12 floors with 49 rooms of all kinds, with windows overlooking the city with peaceful morning scenery and bustling bustle. Recreation area including swimming pool, gym set up at the top floor. The restaurant is widely arranged with modern equipment, a team of skilled cookers with clean food sources, quality provided by reputable units will give you absolute peace of mind when Enjoy the rich food.

Advanced construction technology with careful and reasonable design will create a space close to nature but at the same time not be affected by the excitement and noisy outside of a typical coastal city like Nha Trang. So the fresh sea air always flooded the hotel.

Hopefully, our professional staffs can match customers’ expectation during your vacation in Golden Rain.